Why Hyrelabs?

Save time & cost

Hours spent by the recruiters & hiring managers are long and expensive. Automate such tedious & manual processes and re-align your priorities while cutting down on costs upto 50%.

Zero Bias

Manual processes lead to biased decisions. Our algorithms and predictive hiring logic help in taking data driven hiring decisions.

Be a Winner

Hiring cycles are slow. Use personalised interactive dashboard to quickly find a perfect fit from a huge talent pool & prioritize your interviews to win the war for quality talent acquisition.

Our Features

Resume Parsing

Our highly accurate machine learning and NLP algorithms extract structured information from free-form CVs to facilitate precise matching of CVs with job requirements.

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Scoring, Matching & Ranking

Our automation engine matches the extracted information with job requirements to provide scores for various sections and rank each CV in order of the closest match.


In-depth Analytics

Our personalised interactive dashboard provides detailed insights on individual CVs as well as overall batch of CVs along with cohort analysis. Advanced comparison metrics with an option of customised filters.

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How it works

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